Rocky Coast Creations started as an after school program in middle school teaching kids to sell at our local organic agricultural fair, The Common Ground Fair. I attended this class, and got the idea of making rock vases from similar rock creations we had at home. My first year of making vases it felt like the whole community came together to help me. Our local blacksmith Joel Tripp lent me his drill press, our friend Stephen Heroux lent me his tile saw and my old nanny, Joan Baldwin taught me how to create the pendants. Stephen still lends me his tile saw every year in the summer. After making my first vases I was fascinated by the cylindrical cores my drill bits produced and came up with the idea to use these cores as pendants. This idea of using the whole rock was connected to The Common Ground Fair's strong belief in wasting nothing. After a very successful first year, I sold out and got third place in the Youth Enterprise Zone. After this first year I started adding different sized drill bits, to create larger and smaller vases, and making different kinds of pendants. The second year I also nearly sold out and got second place. The third year I made more rock creations so I could sell at a craft fair in Falmouth Maine as well as the fair where this year, I got first place. At the craft fair I introduced the very popular cheese knives, and I sold out again. 

This is my fourth year making vases, and with the Coronavirus shutting down the fair I have decided to make my own website. This year I have added rocks from different areas in the state of Maine, and am thrilled to be able to continue my business even in changing times.